Plant status with MiFlora in Home Assistant through Xiaomi BLE integration

Most instructions you'll find online document how to integrate MiFlora plant sensors through Home Assistant's ESPHome integration. Home Assistant natively supports MiFlora devices, though, through the Xiaomi BLE integration, where Home Assistant registers the values the sensor broadcasts over Bluetooth, and only occasionally polls the sensor for the battery status …

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ZFS send/receive as a regular user

In some scenarios, you'd rather not have some operations run with elevated privileges. ZFS send/receive typically requires root privileges, but you can grant the necessary privileges to regular, unprivileged users through zfs allow (see the man page).

Sender privileges

The privilege set for the sending user is rather limited …

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WireGuard in a separate Linux network namespace

This posts covers the implementation of an isolated WireGuard instance through the use of Linux network namespaces. The Linux kernel supports network namespaces more or less fully since kernel 2.6.29. They allow you to isolate network system resources - a separate network stack running independently from (and next to …

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Dell XPS 13 battery charge treshold on Linux

Just like with any battery powered device (a Tesla, or your smartphone), it's the last stretch to a 100% full charge that taxes the battery the most. You might have noticed charging on modern smartphones and laptops goes pretty fast, until you start hitting the upper percentiles (80%, 90%) - then …

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Keychain, GNOME Keyring and ssh-agent interaction on Wayland

I let Gnome Keyring handle my SSH and GPG keys; so far this has worked just fine and it hasn't gotten in the way. However, recently I switched to Wayland and I noticed Keychain wasn't picking up the SSH agent anymore, so my scripts relying on the cached SSH keys …

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Setting up WireGuard on OpenWrt

WireGuard is a modern VPN solution that has been getting a lot of attention recently, even earning accolades from Linus Torvalds himself. The developer's website states the following about WireGuard:

[...] an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. It aims to be faster, simpler, leaner, and …

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