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lineage-14.1-20181018-UNOFFICIAL-m7.zip2018-Oct-19 01:06:02308.0Mapplication/zip 01:06:020.1Kapplication/octet-stream 01:06:020.1Kapplication/octet-stream
lineage-14.1-20181018-UNOFFICIAL-z3c.zip2018-Oct-19 01:12:06349.1Mapplication/zip 01:12:060.1Kapplication/octet-stream 01:12:060.1Kapplication/octet-stream
lineage-14.1-20181107-UNOFFICIAL-m7.zip2018-Nov-08 01:06:09308.8Mapplication/zip 01:06:090.1Kapplication/octet-stream 01:06:090.1Kapplication/octet-stream
lineage-14.1-20181107-UNOFFICIAL-z3c.zip2018-Nov-08 01:12:16349.9Mapplication/zip 01:12:160.1Kapplication/octet-stream 01:12:160.1Kapplication/octet-stream
lineage-14.1-20181207-UNOFFICIAL-m7.zip2018-Dec-08 01:06:34308.8Mapplication/zip 01:06:340.1Kapplication/octet-stream 01:06:340.1Kapplication/octet-stream
lineage-14.1-20181207-UNOFFICIAL-z3c.zip2018-Dec-08 01:12:37349.9Mapplication/zip 01:12:370.1Kapplication/octet-stream 01:12:370.1Kapplication/octet-stream
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
These are 'maintenance' builds, built off the upstream LineageOS codebase, with the most recent Android Security Bulletin (ASB).
Since the devs who introduced unofficial Lineage support for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact moved on to OmniROM for Android Oreo (8.x),
I am making these personal builds publicly available so people can keep up to date with Android security patches on Nougat (7.x).
This build includes a SIM batch operations patch [1] as well. Since my Z3 Compact is broken by now, expect builds to be fewer and
further in between.

HTC One (M7)
I missed DT2W in the vanilla LineageOS builds so I integrated it. However, this might affect stability (check the kernel thread by 
__BJ__ on the XDA M7 subforum). Builds 20180420 and later have DT2W integrated and activated by default. The 20180416 one does not. Please
leave feedback in the LineageOS 14.1 thread on XDA [2] if DT2W breaks things for you (ie excessive battery drain or sudden reboots).
This is an emergency backup device so don't expect regular builds either. As of October 2018 this build integrates the SIM batch
operations patch [1] as well.

This readme was last updated on October 17th, 2018.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not liable for anything happening to your device. These builds are provided as-is; I am merely sharing them
because I'm building them anyway.