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The builds provided here are maintenance builds, compiled from the upstream LineageOS 14.1 trees. Any bugs
you encounter should not be reported to me, but upstream [1]. Keep in mind both devices are *not* supported
in any official way by LineageOS (as in: there are no official LineageOS builds) so your chances of getting
these bugs fixed are a bit slim.

Please do not mistake my ability to compile a running Android firmware off someone else's codebase for any
coding skills whatsoever.

HTC One (M7)
This is one of my backup devices (but its battery life is absymal, not too sure about the quality of its
second hand battery). The builds are vanilla except for inclusion of double tap to wake (DT2W) [2], which I
enjoyed very much on my Z3 Compact and the LineageOS flavour for it, but wasn't available in the LineageOS
images the M7 developer provided [3]. There have been reports of DT2W making the M7 unstable, so if you do
not want or need DT2W, do flash the provided here along with the firmwares.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
The Z3 Compact was my daily driver until the screen started going bonkers (a known problem with that model,
unfortunately) - it seems once it hits its third birthday it's bound to happen. I replaced the screen with
a China model, that didn't look too bad but it didn't stick in the frame and rearranging stuff made me break
one of the motherboard pins, so now it's pretty much dead in the water. As such, I am unable to test anything.
The original Z3 Compact support thread can be found here [4].

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